Compliance Tools That Support Risk Management

Your business has cybersecurity regulations to meet. The Caetra solution is CyMetric: a risk management tool that helps clarify, manage and define roles regarding compliance.

Contemporary governance, risk and compliance (GRC) tools can assist in managing and implementing compliance policies, but none of them focus on translating regulations and drafting relevant controls and policies for your company to meet the ever-changing compliance regulations for cybersecurity. Until now.

Translate Regulations

CyMetric Builds Policies to Fit Your Cybersecurity Compliance Objectives

A first of its kind solution: We integrate the law into the software. Distills cybersecurity regulations into detailed controls to deliver policies that fit your risk tolerance and compliance requirements. Reduces dependency on legal counsel to provide regulatory mapping and cybersecurity compliance policies. Incorporates industry standard security frameworks to ensure your policies meet or exceed regulatory requirements.

Regulations currently available in the product:

Other codes can be requested and will be considered by, just send us a message using the prompt in the lower right corner of this page. Timeline for delivery of a requested statute or code will vary.

Update Controls

Modify Policies and Controls as Changes to Regulations Occur

Free up resources to focus on activities that add value. Updates controls affected by regulatory changes and pushes recommended modifications to policies for approval. Reviews policies for application to each environment and business setting. Offers custom and compensating controls to fit your specific business requirements.

Unify Objectives

Consolidate Compliance Objectives into Unified Policies and Controls

Eliminate overlapping policies supporting your regulatory environment. CyMetric analyzes regulations from the control perspective consolidating the overlapping requirements of each regulation into one policy. Cybersecurity controls are aligned to the respective data types and information systems that comprise the policy. Compliance personnel can focus their time on the consolidated policies that are shared across business units.

Identify Assets

Inventory Information Systems and Data Types

Create a single repository of your environment. All of your information systems and data types are catalogued in one location for easy reference and management. Administrators can delegate owners for unique information systems holding them accountable for system disposition. System owners classify risk profile for each data type supporting the risk tolerance for the organization.

Track and Report

Management Dashboards and Reports Deliver Data According to User Profile

Each user gets visibility into the items that matter to them. Controls and policies can be accessed, updated and presented to regulators or auditors at any time. Instant access to policy assessment status and upcoming triggers for meeting internal and external mandates. Standard and customizable reports deliver rich data insights to compliance status.