Michael Compisi


Michael Compisi is the President and general manager for Caetra.io. In this role, he manages the company’s day-to-day operations while also pursuing growth opportunities through business development initiatives and partnerships. He has spent his entire career in the technology industry and brings 10 years of early stage company experience to Caetra.io.

After meeting Alan and the rest of the Caetra.io team, Michael saw the compelling need for an automated solution to help organizations secure customer data and comply with data protection regulatory mandates.

The team’s commitment to that goal, along with the power of the CyMetric product, fueled Michael’s desire to be a part of the Caetra.io team.

Prior to joining Caetra.io, Michael was the vice president of operations for a professional services and training start-up organization serving the transportation and logistics industry. He also served as general manager for a medical device start-up company supporting the physical therapy, orthopedic and athletic training market. The common element to all of these early stage companies: taking an innovative, disruptive approach to solving the needs of these respective industries. Michael also spent seven years working for a technology distribution division of General Electric in strategic business development roles engaging emerging technology companies in network security, networking infrastructure and storage.

Michael has a bachelor’s in history from Yale University and serves on various local boards providing guidance on strategic business development, technology applications and other business initiatives.