Alan M. Winchester

Chief Development Officer

Alan Winchester is the Chief Development Officer at His vision has built a product, called CyMetric™, which enables customers, overwhelmed with the issues surrounding legal compliance, to meet their obligations intuitively and simply, without the need to incur the expenses of consultants and lawyers. This is somewhat ironic as Alan is a cybersecurity lawyer, but his theory is that there is a lot of rote work that anyone can do if they know how but don’t because it seems insurmountable. CyMetric helps get organizations started and committed to meaningful cybersecurity.

Years of cybersecurity client work helped Alan develop and maximize successful strategies for meeting regulatory compliance and safeguarding critical information. His experience in developing and assisting in implementation of compliance programs for clients has led to a deep understanding of cybersecurity risks and protocols for reducing them.

Alan believes that when clients use’s CyMetric™ tool, they can better understand their compliance objectives and the risks their organization faces, enabling them to have more meaningful and focused conversations with their attorneys or consultants. The customers also benefit by jump-starting their compliance program to a point where most consultancy arrangements would end. They can then engage their attorneys and consultants to take them to the next level.

For Alan, the most exciting part of building this solution is seeing a customer start to use this product and immediately feel their progress towards cybersecurity compliance. The creation of this positive feedback loop to protect one’s data is his passion.

Alan earned his BS in computer science and philosophy from Trinity College in Hartford, CT in 1986 and his law degree from Brooklyn Law School in 1989. His legal work has always focused on the intersection of computers and law. Alan also works as the leader of the Cybersecurity Protection and Response Practice Group at Harris Beach PLLC. He and his partners from that firm created as a new way to deliver simplified compliance service to companies in need.