About Caetra.io

Our resources, your compliance.

Caetra (pronounced SEE-tra): a shield used by ancient warriors of the Iberian Peninsula. Its design provided protection while enabling great mobility to engage in battle. All of us at Caetra.io believe this analogy is a perfect way to define our company. We believe that compliance should not be so burdensome. It is our mission to provide tools that enable flexibility and efficiency across all facets of your compliance program.

Compliance should not just be a buzzword that law firms and government agencies throw around to sound important. Compliance needs to be a part of every company’s DNA, infused into its culture and the way it does business. Caetra.io’s products are designed to streamline the process of building, deploying, updating and assessing your compliance programs. What sets Caetra’s products apart from other compliance tools is our ability to translate regulations into common elements and controls that are part of recognized standards. Caetra automatically integrates the law into your controls and policies so you do not have to.

Our team of compliance experts and legal consultants are skilled at keeping our customers compliant with the law; and our products make that process significantly more manageable and cost effective. Our parent company, a National Law Journal top-ranked law firm, has represented businesses in a variety of areas and industries for over 160 years, serving as trusted counselors and responsive innovators. Caetra.io retains that commitment to providing value to our customers — creating solutions that exceed expectations.

With Caetra.io, you can count on clear identification of compliance needs tailored to your organization, a roadmap for meeting that compliance, and assurance that your compliance will evolve as the regulatory landscape changes.

Leadership Team

Alan M. Winchester

Alan Winchester is the Chief Development Officer and creator of CyMetric™. His vision is to enable customers overwhelmed with the issues surrounding legal compliance to meet their obligations intuitively and simply, reducing the need to incur the expenses of consultants and lawyers. Alan leverages his years of experience as a cybersecurity lawyer for the benefit of Caetra.io and its customers.
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Dawn Russell

Dawn Russell is the Chief Information Security Officer of Caetra.io as well as one of the original designers and developers of Caetra’s first product offering: CyMetric™. Dawn brings decades of experience in cybersecurity, compliance and information management to her work as Chief Information Security Officer at Caetra.io.
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Michael Compisi

Michael Compisi is the President and general manager for Caetra.io and manages the day-to-day operations of the company. Michael held leadership positions in multiple early stage companies and brings more than twenty years of experience in the software and technology distribution industries to support Caetra.io.
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